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From cybersquatting to public criticism to missed creative opportunities, there are several ways not claiming a .SUCKS domain can negatively impact a brand or trademark.

Why does a brand need .SUCKS?

Protect your organization—from every angle.

Many consumers interact with their favorite and most-trusted brands online, but today’s online environment is a vulnerable place to be.

A .SUCKS domain can help you avoid defamation by safeguarding related trademarks and ensure your domain is never used in protest.

Provide a feedback loop for your customers.

It’s not always easy to hear constructive criticism—but it’s always important. A .SUCKS domain busts the feedback loop wide open, and gives you a place to have proactive conversations with customers.

After all, it’s a lot easier to manage what people are saying when it’s not behind your back.

Progress your brand at every opportunity.

Protecting your organization is about more than safeguarding your name online. It’s about owning your sh*t and using the feedback you’ve collected to innovate and drive change.

A .SUCKS domain is the perfect place to start.

Learn more about how a .SUCKS domain can be used to protect trademarks.

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